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Crashing system | Seoul

Project: Selin Ciftci, Andrea Pasqui, Kangsan Kim


It is known that in old times villages and cities were built following the shape of the site and re- specting the area’s natural morphology. That fact leads to the realization of organic cities, in which the road systems were sinuous and winding. In Seoul, the shape of the city was strictly connected to the Cheonggycheon and all the water stream system. In more recent years though, that organic road system has been replaced by a modern urban grid under the Japanese domination which has deleted almost the whole memory of that original city morphology. These two crashing systems are easily findable all-around Seoul.

The aim of “Crashing System” is to re-create in people mind that image of the city, nowadays al- most lost. “Crashing System” is founded on three elements: a flag system, a “lights path” and a tower system. A flag system is located were an old urban plan expected the two major axis of the city. The shadows produced by these flags remind that this plan has never been realized. Going on, a li- ghts path stretches on where the old roads were, reminding people the shape of historical Seoul.

Last but not least, a system of steel tower is the core of all the project. Four different types of structure are projected, according to different needs: for example, in some cases, they are directly linked with metro stations or they can be used by sellers to hang their goods on. In every case, the main aim of these towers is to allow people go on an higher level permitting them to see the stretching of the new lights system and hosting exhibition spaces concerning the history of Seoul.

Euljiro is a quite unique part in Seoul City. As it can be easily seens, it is like a flat oasis between two high parts of the city, that is because this area is very important for Korean politicians: it’s an icon of the lost Seoul, forgotten after Japanese domination: a place which was in the centre of the development of the city.


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