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Renewal Project in Baranzate

Project: : Arch. Maurizio Carones - Collaboratori: Luca Scalingi, Chiara Rebora, Selin Ciftci



The internship generally includes a proposal project for a limited land in Baranzate. In this process, the main aim of the study to design a community center , which includes residential area and a sport area as a football field in the region. The internship process covered the architectural design from the different scale of urban to detail. In this context, the region of Baranzate is analysed in different scales. The axes of the main roads and the surrounding important buildings are taken as reference. By the following process; the project; including sport and housing functions, was proposed as a preliminary study for the elaboration of the relations in the region and the improvement of the region. In this proposals, boundary of space, functions and how these functions are related with the International School ,which is just next to the area, were considered. Thus, It was suggested that the area be designed together a football field and 12.000m² residential area. The functions were placed according to the protected axes of International School. In addition to the project in Baranzate, a separate project area rendered in 3d in via Riva di Tirento. During the entire internship period, all proposals and changes of project were reviewed and discussed at least one day in each week with Arch.Maurizio Carones and collaborator Chiara Rebora. The project proceeded according to these opinions.


In the proposed project to improve Baranzate area concentrated during the internship, At the beginning, the main axes were analyzed and the region was tried to be understood. Also,previous projects in the same area were analyzed. The most important thing during the project phase, was to connect with the International School, besides answering functional needs. For this reason, the functions were arranged according to the schools axis and it was decided to construct a pedestrian path from the school to the project area.

As a project content, it was necessary to provide a 12.000m² residential area and a sporting area which includes a soccer field and tribuns. For this reason, first; In general design decisions, the boundaries of the area were identified with a 5 meter wide boulevard. Parallel to the sports ground, the tribuns were placed in such a way that would form a facade on the main road, which would allow people to enter from the road. In addition, it was decided to design an overpass and pedestrian path which follows the overpass axes, so that the soccer field can be reached from the school in the district. During the process, the design of the overpass also changed. In the residential area, it was decided that, the residential area should be separated from the pedestrian path which is using by students coming from the school; so that the private and public areas should be separated for security. Likewise, the private and public area were separated from each other by the green area with landscape study. It was also designed passages which allows people to pass from the surrounding roads into the district of project. In the design phase, in detail decisions, for how many people and minimum measures of football field were discussed. It was also decided that the tribuns would be designed to include the entrance and allow players changing room opportunities.

By the following these decisions, Pier Luigi Nervi’s approach to stadium projects (especially Stadium Comuale Giovanni Berta, in Florance) was analyzed and investigated in reference to the design of the tribuns. And it was specificially referred to as structure. In the residential area, because of the priority is to provide an area of approximately 12.000m², the placed masses are designed for specific square meters. The one of the most precious thing in the design, was the use of ground floor as part of the public space with a visible circulation. It was also designed a platform on the 1st floor, which served as a terrace for every floor user. In these areas, a structure design was made in the residential area, which supports gridal construction is readable from outside. During the design process, the number of floors of residential area, has been renovated to answer the square meter requirements. And housing typologies were identified for each floor. Two different typologies, which also includes different flat typologies; were identified for each floor. Thus, there were different open areas like terraces in the overlying floors. In order to show this difference, axonometric drawings were used. By the following process, floor plans containing ground floor and two different types of typology were designed.

According to the calculations of square meters of typologies, the designing of residential area is changed. Although, in the previous studies residential area consisted of two units which were 13 storey and 14 storey different buildings, then in the last studies, it is decided to design the residential area which has two units consists of 16 storey and 3 storey buildings. Particulary, it was noted that the football field surroundings were lower-rise buildings. In this period, the studies continued with cross-section drawings, including the school region. These cross sections were important to show the relation between school and overpass bridge and the relation between soccer field and tribunes. To support the project, 3d model was rendered which includes also surrounding area. According to this model, the height of the floors, the size of the football field has been changed.


-Analysis of the Baranzate Region and Project Area

-Reference of , Pier Luigi Nervi’s Stadium

-Drawings and 3D Model & Axonametric Diagrams


DUEMILADICIASSETTE. Raccolta progetti By Maurizio Carones

Finally, the project was created as a master plan, floor plans, 2 sections, and a 3D model from various angles. As a result, an overpass which is associated with international school and lets to cross was designed. Also a pedestrian zone has been created link to it. Then green space was used as a landscape to separate that pedestrian zone from the residential area. Overpass was designed to be directly connected to the school from the 2nd floor of the school. The football field designed with a scale of 25x40m allows the max 8 junior player to play.The tribunes are designed to provide 2 changing rooms.And the facade that on the roadside was designed as a barrier to the road like a wall. On the road side-facade, a prominent image was created by referring to the design in the residential area. Finally, the residential area is also designed to include passes from ground floor.And these passes led to transit between groun floor and roads. The residences that are 16 floors and 3 floors have been designed in typologies with 8x543m², 8x575m², 2x886m², 2x887m². In addition, shadows have been calculated for master plan. And the platforms and terraces were drawn in a way they would be clearly seen. The sections have been drawn and placed in consideration of the school and industry in the region. The region modeled in 3D. The project area was modeled with the screens for the presentation. As a result, the soccer field was designed as a common space that is needed in the region and serving to the school. And the residential area was designed in different typologies, covering the required 12,000m. Landscape design was used to reach the soccer field from the school and to separate the residence and path.The design provided the necessary qualities in the project.

**The project is also published in the book: DUEMILADICIASSETTE. Raccolta progetti


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