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Interpretation of street

Project: Selin Ciftci


It is aimed to design the “street” as a “tool” of to create public space, besides being a city element. To achieve this goal, the street is formulated in three different degrees, and designed spatially and structurally.

1st degree: It is designed as a main street. It targets the main axes in the coastline of the lake and provides the transition from the beginning to the end of the stadium. It also follows the form of stadium and serves as a part of functions at different points.

2nd degree: It is based on existing axes in the region. ıt provides the transition from the axes to the main street and also emhasizes the entrance of the spaces.

3rd degree: It defines the form of the spaces and follows it. It makes the street turn into space and also provides space circulation and continutiy.

Circular stadium is the mile-stone of the project and it has the relation with volumes like the relation between bones and joints.


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