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MAKECOMO | From Lake To Make

Project: Silvio Oldani (Director), Andrea Camesasca (Counselor), Valeria Tarasco, Simone Capotondi, Selin Ciftci (Development team)


From the era of the Grand Tour to the birth of the tourism industry, The Lario has always been one of the most popular places for visitors from all over the world.

This project is designed to be an accolade to the natural heritage, historic houses, culture and traditions of the industrial area and its productive richness. The cult of Lake beauty is what has always attracted thousands of tourists to the area every year. In this context, the Lake is the element that acts as a common denominator and collector of the overall tourist offer.

However, there is an another face of the provincial reality that goes alongside the beauty and charm of the lake. A new face which, equally, helps to tell its story and is a primary element of its cultural heritage. In addition to being a land of beauty and entertainment, the province of Como has always been an industrious territory. A place of "know-how" where the industrialization process has left, and still leaves, important tangible marks.

The Make Como project aspires to enhance these two faces of the territory in a synergistic way.


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